Why I Love Jamberry Nails for Traveling

It is always difficult to get into a beauty routine while traveling. Long flights, early wake up calls and rainy or humid weather can make feeling ‘put together’ difficult to obtain while on the road. I know for myself when I feel like I look nice it improves my mood and makes me more excited to be a part of the travel videos we make or in pictures.

Sometimes makeup isn’t always a feasible (such as it was when I traveled to Thailand during the hot season). I have always been a big lover of nail polish, especially on my toes. I hate having chipped nail polish though so I usually end up picking the polish off once a nail has a chip in it. The same applied to nail stickers; once one was off the rest soon followed.

A fellow nurse introduced me to Jamberry Nail Wraps and gave me a sample to try out on my girls trip to Georgia in May. I was a little apprehensive about how durable the wraps would be, since all the ones I tried in stores only seemed to last for a day before they started to get weak and peel off. *Spoiler Alert: I LOVED them! 

Girls trip to Savannah, GA!

Girls trip to Savannah, GA!

About Jamberry Nails

This company was started in 2010 by 3 sisters who were looking for an easy and cost effective way to accessorize their nails. The business is a ‘Direct to Consumer’ model, so like Avon or Shakeology the product is sold from Independent Consultants directly to consumer, which makes the product less expensive than it would be if sold in stores.

What are Jamberry Nail Shields?

Jamberry Nail Shields are a solid film covering that are applied directly to the nail or over nail polish (as I did). By using pressure and heat (hair dryer) the nail shield creates a tight bond with the nail. If you are skilled at applying them you can do it in as little as 15 minutes. It took me closer to an hour to apply a full set to my toes since I was a little distracted and was slow with the application.

Mint Green Chevron, Bon Voyage and Cabana (3 of my favorites!)

Mint Green Chevron, Bon Voyage and Cabana (3 of my favorites!)

Application Instructions

*Directions are from Jamberry, as well as some comments from me

  •  Clean unpolished nails with alcohol wipe (or vinegar) and push back cuticles (I then applied some pink nail polish and wiped them with an alcohol swab after so the nail shield would stick easily to it)
  •  Match nail (finger or toe) to the wrap that fits it best and trim it to fit your nail, without it touching any skin or cuticle
  •  Peel nail wrap from sheet using tweezers; do not touch back with fingers (oil on fingers= no stick)
  •  Warm with mini heater or blow dryer for 3-5 seconds or until soft and flexible (I applied heat for at least 10 seconds to each, just because I wasn’t certain what it would look like when ‘soft and flexible’)
  •  When warm, press the wrap to the nail. Apply firm pressure around the edges to adhere the wrap to nail. Use rubber cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the base of the cuticle (make sure there aren’t any wrinkles in the wrap because once it sets it will be impossible to get out. I measured the wrap too big for one toe and it had a wrinkle on the side that drove me crazy for weeks)
  •  Trim the excess with scissors and file off remaining wrap using a downward motion to remove excess
  •  Apply additional heat and pressure to the wrap again until its bonded to the nail (I read somewhere you can put a Ziploc bag over your nail, pull the bag tight so pressure is applied to the nail and then apply heat; the Ziploc bag apparently helps to distribute the heat well. It worked well for me!)
  • I hate the feeling of nail files, so I actually clipped my toe nails after the wrap had set which created a nice even edge (not in the directions, but it worked!)
More Favorites: Champagne Toast, Arrow and Pixie

More Favorites: Champagne Toast, Arrow and Pixie

Jamberry Nail Shields can last for 2 weeks on your finger nails or up to 6 weeks on toenails. I had mine on my toes for over 3 weeks before I decided to take them off because my nails had grown out. To remove the wraps you can apply heat with a blow-dryer for 15 minutes and peal them off or soak your nails in nail polish remover for 30 seconds and the wrap will slide off. (I failed to read the directions when I removed them and I peeled them of without using heat or polish remover; they weren’t very easy to get off that way!)


Each sheet has 18 shields (2 rows of 9 different sizes) and each shield could be used to cover more than 1 nail. For my smaller toenails I was cutting some shields into 1/4 to fit my nails, so each sheet can really stretch far. 1 sheet costs $15 or if you buy 3 or more they are $11.25 a piece. 

Half sheet of Spring Break

Half sheet of Spring Break

My Experience

As mentioned, I had my Jamberry Nail Wraps on my toenails for over 3 weeks without any chipping or peeling. After I took the wraps off my nails were in perfect shape, unlike with some other nail treatment options. I wore flip flops, shoes, travelled across the country, walked countless miles and on sandy beaches and stepped foot in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. I’m telling you, these wraps are solid.  They have so many beautiful options and over 300 designs. If for some reason you don’t find a design you like (which won’t happen), you can actually design your own sheet.

I honestly think that they are a great option for travelers. They are low maintenance, inexpensive, protect your nails from the elements and are gorgeous. It’s also just a fun thing you can do for yourself and a way to express yourself and personality.

Wearing Spring Break while setting foot in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time!

Wearing Spring Break while setting foot in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time!

For More Information

If you are looking for a knowledgable Independent Consultant then check out Frances Roe. If interested in hosting an online/Facebook party let her know and she will tell you how you can get free products.

If you mention that you were referred from Dailey Adventurers you will also receive a free application kit when you spend $60! Jamberry uses Priority Shipping so you will receive your order within 7 days if you are in the United States. 

Jamberry is expanding to New Zealand and Australia in October 2015, so there is a special deal for residents there as well! Send Frances a message and you will receive a free nail wrap. 

*Disclaimer: I did receive a Jamberry Nail Wrap sheet in return for a review. I absolutely loved the product, would recommend it and am about to place an order myself! 

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6 thoughts on “Why I Love Jamberry Nails for Traveling

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    Daniela recently posted…DanielaMy Profile

  2. That’s pretty kool. I hate chipped nails too. Usually if I go on vacation and really need them to last I just get gel. This seems like a cheaper alternative.

  3. Wow these look really cool! How was your nail quality afterwards? i am always hesitant to try gel nailpolish or fake nails because I have really healthy nails. But these seem like they would be fine since it’s over your nailpolish! Not sure I could put a hairdryer on my toes for 15 minutes though without burning myself 🙂

    Thanks for introducing these to me!
    Karilyn recently posted…Grand Canyon in the Summer: How to Beat the HeatMy Profile

    1. My nails were in perfect condition after I took the wraps off! I was surprised because I have had bad experience with other nail treatments before. And the heat actually wasn’t bad at all, since I did one nail at a time I had a nice break from the hairdryer in between toes! haha

  4. At first it was a whim. I bought from a friend s party because I love having Shellac on my nails, but hated the time and cost to keep it up. Each sheet does several applications, so it was just a few dollars per manicure to try these out and I figured I had nothing to lose.

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