Tickets Booked! We are going to…

Hong Kong (

We are going to Asia!!!

We have already booked round trip tickets from Seattle to Hong Kong, for a steal of $450 per person, using one of our travel resources listed here. We are now in the stages of planning where to go after Hong Kong. Honestly, Hong Kong has never been on Jake or my travel radar, and when we mentioned the plans to my family the main question we got was, “why Hong Kong?!”

I feel like there is something worth seeing anywhere. There is basically no where in the world I would say no to travelling to (aside from war zones). If I don’t have the desire to travel to a certain place, all it takes is 15 minutes of research before I’m itching to visit! So, why Hong Kong?

1. The Skyline is often voted one of the best in the world. And from the above photo I’m sure you can see why!

2. The food: Hong Kong cuisine is heavily influenced by the Cantonese (Chinese) which results in some tasty dim sum and noodle dishes. We are excited to try the assortment of street food available in this large metropolitan city!

3.  Macau, like Hong Kong (HK), is another Chinese territory but it has it’s own unique history since it was colonized and ruled by the Portuguese from the 1500’s until 1999. It is known as the “Las Vegas of Asia” but we are excited to experience the old colonial part of the city, and being only a 1 hour boat ride from HK it will be an easy day trip.

4. Ease of travel: Asia is going to be crowded, fast-paced and completely different from anything we have experienced. Visiting Hong Kong (a modern city that was colonized by the British) will make it easier to get around due to the prevalence of English signage and speakers.

5. And the main reason we are going to Hong Kong? When tickets cost $600 less per person why the heck not?!

Macau (

So far our itinerary has morphed into 2 completely different options. No matter what, we will have to spend a 24 hour layover in Vancouver, Canada on our way to and from Hong Kong. This is a city we both enjoy, and it was the only way to score these cheap tickets so we are okay with that. So that leaves us with 15 days to explore Hong Kong and at least one other destination.  Our criteria for picking the other destination is simple: cheap tickets, short flight and beautiful beaches. That has left us with 2 final contenders:

Ubud, Bali (

Bali would give us beautiful beaches with clear water, lush green landscape, culture and historical sites. It also seems to be more affordable than the places we were looking at in Thailand. On AirBnB we could rent a bungalow for less than $20 a night. It would also be fun to rent a couple scooters to explore the island. Bali is a touristy destination, but we would choose to stay somewhere other than Kuta which is the busy, party central. A trip to Bali would also give us the opportunity to explore Singapore since our flight would have to stop there anyways.

Phi Phi Islands (

Thailand has been somewhere I have wanted to travel for years. From the clear blue water and karst rock formations in the Andaman Sea to the  bustling city of Bangkok there is so much to see! I just worry that we wouldn’t have enough time to see the places we want to. Northern Thailand isn’t an option at this time of year because of all the field burning it creates hazy conditions. Unfortunately, we would also miss the popular Songkran festival by a few days. Because we are limited on time, I want us to be able to maximize the time we have by not spending long hours on trains or layovers which may be a problem if we choose Thailand. We could maximize our time and help conserve our budget though by choosing options such as overnight trains to get around.

We still have a little more than 2.5 months before we leave, so plenty of time to think and plan.

We still have a little more than 2.5 months before we leave, so plenty of time to think and plan.

What would you choose, Bali or Thailand?

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    1. I know, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! What was crazy is to score that price on the tickets we have to do a 22 hour layover in Vancouver, B.C. When I did a search option of Vancouver-Hong Kong the price shot up to $1,000/pp even though it was the same exact flight we would be put on with the SEA-YVR-HKG option.
      Valerie recently posted…Favorite Food in ChicagoMy Profile

  1. You cannot go wrong with any of those choices. Once you are in Asia the price of air tickets drops dramatically so you could fly from Bali to Thailand for pretty cheap; if you have the time of course. Have a great trip.
    Tim recently posted…Population OneMy Profile

    1. I thought about us trying to squeeze in both options, but with only 15 days to explore Hong Kong area and another destination I don’t feel like we would have adequate time to explore both. We are leaning more towards Thailand at the moment so we could experience the culture/temples in Bangkok and the beautiful beaches on the Andaman coast without feeling rushed and moving every couple days.
      Valerie recently posted…Favorite Food in ChicagoMy Profile

  2. Whoa! What a great price for tickets! That’s funny about how your tickets have a layover in Vancouver. When I did this trip, I had a long layover in Seattle. Nothing like 22 hours, short enough that I couldn’t go into the city, but long enough that I saw every part of that airport. How weird that flights work out that way. I wish I could go back now!
    Adelina recently posted…Hong Kong from Above – The Victoria Peak ExperienceMy Profile

    1. Airlines make no sense sometimes! If we drove up to YVR and flew out from there round trip tickets would have been double. I just don’t get it. But we both LOVE Vancouver so we will enjoy having a day in the city on our way to and from Asia 🙂

  3. Thailand. Bali is a cesspool of touts, drunks, drugs and prostitutes. I lived in Indonesia for a year, motorcycled all over, loved everywhere….except for Bali. I speak Indonesian. I’ve tried to give Bali a second chance. And a third. And a fourth….but it is hopeless. Thailand on the other hand is amazing. Better people, better beaches, better food! Hands-down winner all around.
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