Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

We were lucky to have beautiful weather on our first day in Chicago. Our second day in the Windy City, however, was not only windy, but cold and raining as well. We decided to spend most of the day in doors, with our first stop at Shedd Aquarium.You can see our 3 Day Itinerary for Chicago HERE.

Shedd Aquarium

Tickets or Go Chicago Card

I am so thankful that we decided to get the Go Chicago Card! People with this pass, as well as the Chicago CityPASS can skip the general ticket line and proceed to the Will Call desk. There was still a line for the Will Call desk, but it was a 20 minute wait versus the 2 hour line for general ticket purchase (that line was way out the door and in the blowing rain!). You can also be in the Will Call line if you pre-purchase your tickets on line.

We spent about 2 hours here, navigating through hoards of school-trip children. Here are some of my favorite pictures though!

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Alligator Snapping Turtle


Sharks at Shedd Aquarium
I loved listening to all the little boys squealing with delight.  “Oh! ha ha! I’m not scared! eeeekk!” I’m pretty sure the sharks are every boys favorite attraction (yes, including Jake!)

Stingrays Shedd Aquarium

Stingrays Exhibit

Penguins at Shedd Aquarium

Magellanic penguins  (native to South America)


We found Nemo!


And we found Dory! (which was really difficult because this fish is FAST)

Fish at Shedd Aquarium

A scary fish with a huge mouth…

Beluga Whale Shedd Aquarium

Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale Exhibit

This was a difficult exhibit to see. Besides elephants, beluga whales are my favorite animals. So in that sense it was THRILLING to see them up close. The are as intelligent, beautiful and playful as I imagined. But at the same time, my heart breaks for these poor animals. They weren’t intended to live in such confines. These whales probably wouldn’t thrive if released into the wild because of being held in captivity for so long. I really hope that no more whales get imported into U.S. aquariums though.

Stuff To Know:

  • Basic tickets are $39.95 for adults, $30.95 for children 3-11 and free for those 2 or younger.

  • Chicago Go Card: $150 for Adult 3-day Pass & $100 for 3-12 yrs old

  • Chicago CityPASS: $94 for 12+ yrs & $79 for 3-11 yrs old

  • Public transportation (which I would recommend) take CTA #146 Bus to Museum Campus and it’s a short walk

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