New Blog Name, New Direction!

After 4 great years, Dailey Adventurers is over. It’s been slow blogging the last year. I went on an amazing 3 week trip through Europe a year ago, Scotland in winter and an amazing southwest road trip by van in spring. And now here I am in New Hampshire, after traveling through 20 states, and I have hardly written about any of it. Why? I have felt lost. It hasn’t been fun writing. I have put so much pressure on myself that the graphics need to look great, the blog post needs to be worded correctly and be helpful and then I need to have the time to promote it. Because if nobody reads it after pouring hours into the post, what’s the point?

I forgot what the original point of this blog was. It is to document my travels. For me. It’s to encourage me to learn more about my destinations while I’m there, so I can share the information. It’s to encourage people to break out of the mold and travel somewhere new. I didn’t know when I started traveling blogging how seriously saturated the market is. There are thousands of travel blogs. Thousands of people devoting hours a day to their blog to try and make it their full time living. I’m not trying to make this my full time living. I have followed some travel blogs for years. Some from when they were just preparing for their ‘Round the World’ adventure. The more successful the blogs got, the less I was interested. They became about advertising, visiting the same destinations because of sponsors and about posing for pretty pictures. To each their own, but I’m not interested in living like that, or reading about it.

When I planned our cross country trip from Washington State to New Hampshire I planned nearly every day. The thought of going through a city and not having anything to write about it sounded CRAZY to me! We had a great trip, and honestly I don’t care that I only drove by some cities. I don’t need to see them all. A city isn’t where I feel the most alive and happy, so why visit it out of this sense of obligation?

I feel happy in the woods. Like, overwhelmingly happy. A country backroad with little traffic and good music makes me happy. Sleeping in a lean-to or my car on an adventure makes me happy. Finding a coffee shop in a new town and settling in like I’m a local makes me happy. Finding a good bike trail, or lake to kayak makes me happy. Grabbing my camera and just driving until I find something beautiful to photograph makes me happy. I guess the point of this blog is, maybe these things make another person happy too. Maybe there are enough “travel blogs” out there to cover the more visited destinations, and any one wanting to follow my journey or just go into the woods can follow this blog.

Camping in a ‘lean to’ in Vermont

I plan to post whatever inspires me. If nobody reads it, that’s fine. I have hardly made any money on the blog the last 4 years, so that’s no longer my intention of writing. I want to write because if feels good. It forces you to pause and be introspective and dive into why you feel a certain way about a place, or experience. I will be posting pretty pictures, quotes that I love and a monthly re-cap. I will be writing about more rural destinations, trail guides, camping adventures, self guided tours, etc. What you wont find are all inclusive guides, because there are people that can do that better and prettier then me. 

The last year or so I have been educating myself more on climate change, and environmental issues. This isn’t going to just be a “travel blog,” I want to write about whatever interests me, such as permaculture. Permaculture is essentially creating a more permanent, local and sustainable way of growing food. It is about not just maintaining the environment, but improving it. I am reading about natural herbal medicine too, so I may talk about that more too.

When I was doing research for travel nursing I found that there is not many travel nurse blogs out there. I will probably write a little bit about travel nursing, since the process of getting started is confusing. I am only on my first contract, so I’m not expert. But so far everything has worked out better then I could have imagined.

Hiking Mt Monadnock, NH

I am living in my 32 foot travel trailer. Currently my husband is living with me, but it looks like he will probably need to be spending more time at home in Washington state for his job, which means I will be RVing solo. There’s no way in hell I will be pulling the trailer, so I won’t be much help for that, but I plan to write about all other aspects of living in an RV.

So I guess that’s all I have to say right now. I debated about just keeping the name Dailey Adventurers, but this blog has always just been written by me and many of my adventures will be solo. I wanted to shake it up and get re-inspired, and really change the direction of this blog.

Welcome to Into the Woods She Goes. Happy travels & happy trails.




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