Bend, Oregon

It’s rare that Jake and I immediately feel connected to a place. We felt it in Joseph, Oregon. And we felt it again here. Bend had everything that we could ever want in a town. It isn’t too big or small with approximately 75,000 residents. It has 4 seasons, is close to outdoor activities and has the coolest downtown. We were hooked. We also happened to come during Oktoberfest, which both added and detracted from the allure that Bend has. Oktoberfest was fun, but there were more people that we would have liked. With a copious number of interesting restaurants and over 25 breweries in the area you will never be bored. 

Three Sisters Peaks, Oregon

Bend is located in the very center of Oregon and is a strange and wonderful mix of high desert and mountains. It is a haven for adventure seekers; as it is located close to white-water rafting (Deschutes River), rock climbing (Smith Rock), skiing (Mt Bachelor) and unlimited access to hiking and mountain biking. Located just 3 hours southeast of Portland, Bend makes for a wonderful destination any time of year.

View of Bend from Pilot Butte

View of Bend from Pilot's Butte

3 Sisters Peaks (called Faith, Hope and Charity)3 Sisters Peaks, Oregon

Deschutes River, Bend

Deschutes River

Cycle Pub Bend

Mount Bachelor (en route to Sisters, OR)
Mount Bachelor, Oregon

Tumalo State Park

Tumalo State Park

Smith Rock (in Terrebonne, OR) 

Smith Rock, Terrebonne Oregon

Smith  Rock (Terrebonne, OR)

Old Mill District

mill district, bend



Have you ever found a place that you felt connected to immediately? If so, Where?

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